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As you begin working with a landscape architect in Westchester County, you have the opportunity to develop your own unique landscaping style. A landscape architect in your area can help you investigate the many different landscape design inspirations and styles that are available to you. Here is a guide to a few different landscaping styles that you may be interested in for your own outdoor space.

Contemporary Landscape Design
Contemporary landscape designs focus on sustainable landscaping, functional hardscaping, and natural landscaping materials. Your landscape designer can incorporate low-water use plants, efficient irrigation, and energy efficient landscape lighting. This landscaping style creates a connection between the indoors and outdoors, so your front yard or backyard landscaping will make you feel more in touch with the natural world even when you’re in your home. You can opt for sculptural shrubs and geometric hardscaping, or a garden of native plants surrounding a sunny backyard patio.

Modern Landscape Design
The primary features of modern landscape design are clean, geometric lines; open, bright outdoor living spaces; and hardscaping materials like concrete, glass, and steel. Garden landscaping is minimal, and the plants used typically have modern, clean lines. Your landscape architect may recommend large sculptures and minimalistic hardscaping to complement the design of your home, rather than detracting from it. You can create pathways using patio pavers or concrete, and develop a clean, functional patio design for your front or backyard.

International Landscape Design
Many homeowners and landscape architects draw inspiration from other countries when developing a landscape design and landscaping style. Mediterranean landscape design is particularly popular, and focuses on arches, natural stone walkways and hardscaping, golden and bronze landscaping colors, and clumps of palm trees surrounding the home. You might also be interested in a tropical landscape design, which draws inspiration from South Pacific, Asian, and coastal landscaping elements. These landscaping styles incorporate bamboo, teak, and terracotta materials, and use plants like bougainvillea, orchids, dracaena, and canna.

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