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For homeowners who want to take their landscape design to the next level, incorporating water features is a popular approach. If you’re considering adding some water features to your landscape architecture in Westchester County, then you have several different options to consider.

If you love the look and sound of water in motion, then waterfalls, water art, and fountains can be great options for water features to add to your landscape design. Waterfalls can be ideal for creating a natural-looking and peaceful setting, while water art and fountains are often used to make backyard landscaping appear more elegant and contemporary. On the other hand, if you would prefer a water feature that is quiet, still, and full of life, then a water garden or pond could be a good option for you to consider. Water gardens are features that can be used to incorporate aquatic plants into your landscaping that you may not otherwise be able to grow. Lastly, ponds can be used both to house fish and to grow aquatic plants.

Landscape Ideas for Water Features by Bellantoni Landscape