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Pest Management Services

While Bellantoni Landscape is known for top-notch lawn maintenance and tree care, our team is also well-versed in pest management. For years, we’ve been Westchester County, NY’s go-to for eliminating invasive plants and weeds, and our team is now offering mosquito and tick control services to our valued customers. If mosquito season is getting you down, don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team. We’ll work with you to find a convenient time to treat your lawn for these pests. Learn more about our services.

What Does Mosquito and Tick Control Entail?

Mosquito control treatment typically involves spraying the lawn with specialized chemicals that reduce the pest population. In most cases, we don’t even need to treat the entire property, since ticks and mosquitos can’t survive in areas that get lots of sunlight. While no product can 100% eliminate mosquitos, ticks, and other bugs, our treatments can go a long way to protecting your landscape. Depending on the severity of your situation, we might recommend additional treatments, such as tick tubes, to decrease the number of pests plaguing your property.

Are These Products Safe for My Other Plants?

In small quantities, yes. All our products are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which ensures that the chemicals aren’t concentrated enough to cause harm to other plants, animals, or people. Our pesticides are incredibly effective in small amounts, and we never use more than necessary.

How Long Does the Treatment Last?

Mosquito and tick repellents are all a little different and will remain effective for varying periods of time. Depending on the product we use, the treatment might last anywhere from three weeks to two months. The weather and size of the pest population will both impacts how long you can expect to see results from mosquito and tick treatment.



Providing Commercial and Residential Services

While mosquito and tick prevention is a service often requested by our residential customers, Bellantoni Landscape is also more than happy to offer treatments to commercial clients. After all, storefronts teeming with mosquitos aren’t’ likely to attract new customers! Our pest management professionals will ensure that your commercial facility is free of mosquito and tick swarms without causing any harm to the rest of your landscape.

Ask Us About Our Landscaping Professionals

Bellantoni Landscape is well-known in Westchester County for its complete suite of landscaping services. We’re happy to provide maintenance work after your landscape is installed, as well as help during the design process. If you’re looking to improve your home or business’s curb appeal while reducing pests, we’re your one-stop shop. Take advantage of our other services:

Learn More About Pest Management Today

Dealing with mosquitos, ticks, and other pests is never a walk in the park. Fortunately, Bellantoni Landscape is here to make your life easier with top-quality treatment methods. Our pest control services have been utilized by numerous home and business owners throughout the area, and we’re always glad to work with new customers. Simply give our friendly team a call, and we’ll begin working out a time to visit your property. Contact us today for more information on mosquito and tick control costs.