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When you choose a landscape architect near Westchester County, you should find one with experience in hardscaping. Hardscaping can turn your backyard or front yard landscaping into a functional, beautiful outdoor living space. Through the use of retaining walls, landscape edging, and patio design, you can create an engaging and relaxing space for you and your family to enjoy.

If you’re interested in using unique materials for your hardscaping, you should consider using blacktopping. Blacktopping is attractive, easy to maintain, and quickly installed. The material can be used in both creative and traditional ways to create durable, low-key hardscaping that fits in naturally with your overall landscape design.

When you meet with your landscape architect, ask him or her about using blacktop to create pathways and driveways around your home. Blacktopping is generally much more affordable and longer lasting than concrete hardscaping. It can be expertly installed in just one or two days. Your landscape architect can work with you to ensure that your blacktop hardscaping is custom designed to meet your specific needs and budget while still looking beautiful.

Hardscaping Blacktop in Westchester County, NY