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Bellantoni Landscape’s World-Class Masonry Work

Hardscapes are defined as any permanent structure built for your landscape. They’re designed to add function, usefulness, added outdoor living space, and long-lasting beauty to your property. Bellantoni Landscape’s Westchester County, NY masonry contractors use a variety of materials to transform your property. We can construct a variety of hardscapes including retaining walls, sitting walls, walkways, pathways, patios, fire pits, and outdoor stairs. We utilize the crisp, uniform shape of stones that are cut by our professional stone masons for a more formal feel. We also use uncut stones when you’re searching for a “sculpted by nature” look. Most importantly, we strive to hone our craft each day we clock in, and our membership in various professional organizations proves our commitment to betterment. Call us today for a free estimate on our hardscape design and masonry construction.

Masonry Construction in Westchester County

We Offer Several Types of Masonry Construction

We’re proud to have mastered the art of working with stone, rock, and brick. Masonry isn’t an easy skill to hone, but we’re proud to say we’ve perfected the art of amplifying the appearance of our clients’ yards and lawns. We work with three primary types of masonry:

  • Brick: Whether you want a retaining wall or a decorative mailbox, brick is an excellent choice. It provides property owners with a timeless look, one that will never fade out of style and look dated. More importantly, we know how to build stable brick structures by utilizing brick-in-mud or brick-in-cement construction.
  • Stone: You don’t see a lot of high-quality stonemasonry these days, but we’re the exception. Our masonry contractors know how to wield the power of natural stone to build gorgeous and rustic hardscapes. Stone is a durable construction material – just look at the ancient structures in the old world. We’re proud to continue that legacy right here in Westchester County.
  • Concrete: Concrete is durable, easy to install, affordable, and fireproof, making it an attractive building material for hardscapes on residential and commercial properties. Our masons know how to work with concrete and how to get the best aesthetic results from it.

The Advantages of Working with Professional Masons

Masonry traditions have been passed down through the centuries. We care about our craft, and we want to pass along what we’ve learned to you. There are more than a few advantages of working with licensed and experienced stonemasons. For example, we work only with the most tried-and-true materials. Our stone and brick installations are all-natural, and we work with top-flight concrete on all our job sites. We know how to construct installations that protect from weather, mold, and rot. And our team is experienced enough to know how to build sturdy structures that withstand storms and the passage of time. With every year that passes, our handiwork will only look better!

Our Impressive Portfolio of Masonry Work

Seeing is believing! Over the years, we’ve documented the work we’re most proud of completing. Not only does our portfolio prove our commitment to quality, but it also demonstrates how versatile we are. Our masons can build anything from stone, brick, and concrete. They work with the precision of master craftsmen and the creativity of artists. In the past, we’ve built the following – and much more – for our customers:

  • Flagstone: Patios: Flagstone is an ideal surface for patios for a variety of reasons. They have a rustic, timeless appearance, but they also serve several functional roles as well. For example, they are durable, permeable, and accommodate natural, great-looking moss or grass growth between the stones.
  • Flagstone Walkways: Imagine a walkway to your front door with beautiful stones inlaid against the bright green grass. Because flagstone supports grass and moss growth between the stones, it’s possible to split the difference between grass and stone walkway.
  • Custom Outdoor Kitchens and Grills: An outdoor kitchen is the best way to step up your summertime backyard game. Hold court over a built-in gas grill or smoker while your guests relax by the firepit. Outdoor kitchens are fully-integrated and require the work of our master masons.
  • Stone Fireplaces and Firepits: Why not invest in a natural stone outdoor fireplace or firepits. Not only will it improve your home’s resale value, but it will also provide you with more use out of your outdoor areas during the fall – and even winter – months.
  • Drylaid Stone Walls: Commonly seen in New England, drylaid walls forgo the use of cement joints or mud. Instead, our masons carefully stack each stone to give the wall a traditional and eye-catching appearance. You can install one in any outdoor area for decoration purposes.

Checkout Our Work

Flagstone Patios

Flagstone patios provide a natural setting for your outdoor leisure space. Call our stone masons today for a design to meet your needs.

Flagstone Walkways

Flagstone paths come in many design and material choices. Have our expert craftsmen create the garden path of your dreams.

Custom Outdoor Kitchens & Grills

Enjoy entertaining and cooking in the outdoors with one of our beautiful yet functional stone kitchens and grills.

Stone Fireplace & Firepits

A natural stone fireplace can be the focal point for gathering in your yard. Sit by the cozy fire and enjoy your evenings in relaxation.

Drylaid Stone Walls

Drylaid walls are naturally stacked without the use of cement joints. Continue the tradition and beauty of New England with a natural stone wall.

We Offer Design Input and Perfectly-Built Structures

If you’ve ever dreamed of making improvements to your home, but don’t know where to begin, we can help. One of the reasons why our customers trust and enjoy our services is our willingness to help them make decisions that are right for their homes. We possess a keen design eye, in addition to our masonry repair and installation prowess. To learn more about how we can remake your home, contact Bellatoni Landscape Today!

Contact Us Today to Schedule Your Consultation!