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In addition to our professional landscaping and hardscaping services, Bellantoni Landscape offers a selection of complementary services to help homeowners and business owners alike enjoy healthy, beautiful, and eco-friendly outdoor environments. If you are concerned about making your property more sustainable or attractive, our team will listen to you and help you craft a unique and effective strategy for revitalizing your yard.

Carbon Emissions Reductions by Bellantoni Landscape

Carbon Emissions Reductions

The team at Bellantoni Landscape has adopted a variety of methods to help reduce carbon emissions and help our customers enjoy more sustainable yards. When trimming your grass, we leave the blades higher during the warm season, helping to keep the grass healthy and fresh. Instead of leaving piles of leaves and grass clippings scattered across your lawn, we use high-quality equipment to mulch them. When you work with our company, you can count on us to do our part to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Plant Healthcare by Bellantoni Landscape

Plant Healthcare

Bellantoni Landscape offers several products and services to help you keep your yard’s plants healthy, including liquid and dry fertilizers, customized fertilization programs, and pest management programs. Our company takes a cautious and innovative approach to keeping your plants free of pests, using pesticides only when strictly necessary.

Invasive Species Management by Bellantoni Landscape

Invasive Species Management

If you’re not careful, invasive plant species can quickly take over your entire yard, harming the plants that you want to be there. Managing invasive plants, however, is a tricky business. Our team takes a number of different approaches—including cutting or pulling up unwanted plants, using specially selected plant diseases to kill the weeds, or using herbicides when necessary. We will examine your environment and develop an approach that will work best for your situation.

Holiday Décor by Bellantoni Landscape

Holiday Décor

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you may struggle to find time to decorate your home’s exterior. When the holiday season arrives, our team can take over the chore of decorating to provide you with a great-looking yard with no stress on your part. Our holiday decorating services include yard design, special lighting, fresh-cut trees, and wreaths. We can set up the decorations before the holidays, and then return to your home to remove them once you’re ready to have your yard back to normal again.

Bellantoni Landscape has been providing high-quality landscaping and hardscaping services to customers in White Plains, NY, for more than a half-century. The landscaping experts on our team are fully equipped to take on the challenge of reinventing your outdoor space. We can take your dream of what your property ought to look like and make it a reality. If you’re ready to get started, get in touch with our company today by calling 914-948-6468.

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