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Our High-Efficiency Residential Drainage Systems

Is there a large quantity of standing water around your flower beds, lawn, walkway, patio, or foundation following intense rainstorms? Standing water is an issue that should concern all property owners. Bellantoni Landscape can help by identifying problematic areas around your home forming effective drainage solutions. Westchester, NY homes are better because of our efforts. Our team of professionals understand how to design and install systems that successfully divert rainwater away from your home and into less vulnerable areas. By using built-in designs and installing new gutters and downspouts, we can reduce the collections of rainwater that erode your foundation and flood your basement. Excess water is an easily-defeated enemy. All you have to do is contact us today to take advantage of our industry-leading products and customers service.

The Tools We Use to Get the Job Done

We’ve designed and implemented drainage solutions for over 50 years, making us the region’s most respected provider of residential drainage systems. We do so by utilizing all the technology available to us and harnessing decades or experience. When you hire us to reduce excess water build-up, you gain the advantage of a company that is willing and able to use technology such as:

  • Video Inspection: We don’t leave it to guesswork. Instead, our team members use sophisticated pipe cameras to inspect your property for weaknesses. This technology allows us to provide you with an ultra-exact diagnosis and deliver effective solutions.
  • Power Snaking: Sometimes, clogged drains can create backflow issues, which can threaten your property and cause the excess water build-up that’s responsible for flooding basements. We use sophisticated power snaking equipment to unclog the drains.
  • Pipe Location: Before we can find solutions to drainage problems, we must locate the network of pipes lying beneath your house. To do so, we rely on our equipment and know-how to discover the schematics, enabling us to find a quick solution.

Drainage Solutions in Westchester County

The Symptoms of Drainage Problems

There are many common signs of drainage problems. Some are painfully evident and cause numerous problems. Others are subtler, and many homeowners don’t notice them; but we do. Our team knows how to spot warning signs and develop plans aimed at mitigating the problems they create. We can recognize the common types of drainage issues: water runoff and sandy and impacted soils. However, you can be on the lookout for the four following signs that problems might exist:

  • Cracks: If you can see new cracks in building faces or the concrete foundation that meets the earth around your building, you might have a drainage problem. This symptom occurs as the foundation itself weakens from moisture exposure, which is why it is so important to resolve the issue promptly.
  • Separations: Can you see odd separations between your home and the grass or ground around it? What about around hardscapes? This occurs as excess water causes the earth to swell and contract, and it can be devastating to your foundation and landscape.
  • Green patches: It should go without saying, but concrete walkways and driveways should not have green patches. This means the concrete is splitting, allowing patches of grass to sprout up in the gaps between concrete.

We Offer a Variety of Effective Drainage Solutions

We provide numerous solutions to drainage problems. Which one we suggest will depend on a thorough accounting of your property and our investigation. We base our recommendation on our experience and use of sophisticated equipment. The result is the perfect, customized drainage solution to fit your situation. The three most common tactics we use are:

  • French Drain Installation: French drains run underneath the ground from the base of the home to the street. To install them, we dig a long trench leading away from your home. If your house rests downhill from the street, we’ll dig the trench so it steadily goes deeper into the ground. Then we add the drain itself and cover it, so your landscape is unimpeded. Water will travel down the drain and away from the house.
  • Drain Cleaning: Sometimes, your existing drain system is enough; it just needs cleaning. That’s where we come in. Our technicians know how to use their experience and state-of-the-art tools to thoroughly clean and unclog your drains so they facilitate moving rainwater away from your home.
  • Drain Repair: We can also repair broken, cracked, or otherwise damaged drains. In this case, we use a variety of methods to access the drain at the point of damage and begin working on replacing or mending that segment.


Keep excess water from your home and property with systems designed by Michael Bellantoni Designed specifically for your properties needs, we use industry leading ADS products.


Michael Bellantoni can keep your family dry with advanced pumps and drainage systems.

Video Inspection

Power Snaking

Pipe Location

Wet Basement Solutions at Bellantoni Landscape


Bellantoni has been designing and implementing drainage solutions in the tri-state area for over 50 years. Solving the issue from the outside is ideal but can be very costly… that’s when you need a Bellantoni Interior Drain System. Call us to set up a time to meet with one of our drainage experts and get a free estimate customized to your home. Who knows… you may begin to enjoy rainy days.

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At Bellantoni Landscape, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver superior customer service and outstanding drainage solutions to our clients. We want you to enjoy your home, and we believe an effective drainage system is a good start towards doing so. Contact us to set up a time to meet with one of our drainage experts and get a free estimate customized to your home. Who knows: Wou may begin to enjoy rainy days after all.

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