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Install a Custom Stone Fire Pit in Westchester County, NY

Installing a custom fire pit in your backyard will create ambience and beauty and extend your outdoor living space. An outdoor wood-burning fire pit allows you to use your outdoor living space year-round, and encourages friends and family to spend time outside socializing and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. At Bellantoni Landscaping, we have a team of experienced, talented designers who specialize in landscaping and hardscaping services. We can create a beautiful outdoor living space that incorporates features like outdoor fire pits, dining or lounging areas, water features, and more. Call us today to schedule a consultation for installing a stone fire pit in Westchester County, NY.

Installing a cozy fire pit in a beautifully landscaped area in Westchester County, NY

Explore the Benefits of Outdoor Fire Pits

If you’re considering a custom fire pit but aren’t sure it’s worth the investment, look at these benefits:

  • Encourage socialization and conversation.
  • Extend your outdoor living space.
  • Add value to your home.
  • Create an ambient space that is cozy, comfortable, and warm.
  • Use your outdoor living space year-round.
  • Use backyard or patio fire pits to cook on.
  • Promote relaxation and contemplation.

Schedule a Consultation & Site Assessment for a Custom Fire Pit

Before we begin working on your custom fire pit design, we will need to schedule a consultation and site assessment. We will send a member of our team to your home to evaluate and measure your space. We may also take photos for later use. We want to determine how much space we’re working with, where you envision your fire pit being installed, and any obstructions, safety issues, or impediments we need to worry about. We take special care to follow all local regulations, obtain necessary permits, and design and build each custom fire pit to code so that it is safe to operate and won’t cause any safety issues.

Create Your Custom Backyard Fire Pit Design

We work closely with each client to assess their needs, goals, and vision for their custom fire pit. Our backyard fire pit design options are meant to enhance the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape and create an ambience of luxury, warmth, and comfort. We can design any size or style of outdoor fire pit, at almost any price point. In addition to outdoor wood burning fire pits, we also offer other fuel options. We can discuss your design options in detail, so you have the information you need to make the right choice for your home. Once we have agreed on design features, we will draw up your design and blueprints for your review.

Choose Your Fire Pit Features

You have several functional and aesthetic features to choose from when creating your custom fire pit design:

  • Fuel source – We offer multiple options for fuel sources: wood, natural gas, and propane.
  • Steel ring or lining – This prevents the wall material of the fire pit from drying out from exposure to heat and fire.
  • Size – We can create a custom fire pit in a range of sizes, but you may be limited by local ordinances, regulations, and codes. Most fire pits are between 36-44 inches wide and 12-20 inches tall.
  • Building materials – We only use non-flammable, porous, and non-water-retaining building materials for custom fire pits. We offer brick, masonry blocks, concrete pavers, heat-resistant tile and stucco, flagstone, and stone fire pits. We can use decorative stones, pavers, or glass for the base of the fire pit. The inner part of the fire pit can be constructed with a heat-resistant, fireproof material like fire brick.

Review Our Process for Fire Pit Installation & Maintenance

  • Initial assessment – We will assess your outdoor space, and we may take measurements and photos for later use. We will go over your goals and vision, as well as your budget for custom fire pit design and installation.
  • Blueprints & designs – We will design your custom fire pit and create blueprints. Next, we will price materials to provide you with an accurate estimate for the cost of fire pit installation.
  • Permits – If necessary, we will obtain a permit from the city to install your outdoor fire pit. We may need to have someone inspect the site to be sure there are no hidden underground utility lines that will present a safety issue or hazard. Your city or homeowner’s association might restrict the size, location, material, and fuel type of backyard fire pits.
  • Preparation – We will level the ground and prepare it for fire pit installation.
  • Installation – We will install your outdoor fire pit according to code, regulations, and industry standards. We will make sure it isn’t in a hazardous area with unfavorable winds, it is accessible and easy to tend and maintain, and isn’t installed near any fire hazards.
  • Inspection – We’ll make sure the fire pit functions perfectly and will walk you through safe usage.

Why Choose Bellantoni Landscape

Since 1963, we have been the trusted local provider of quality landscaping and hardscaping services throughout Westchester and Rockland Counties. Our team is committed to working closely with each client to bring their vision to life. We have spent years perfecting our landscaping and hardscaping skills so that we offer nothing but the best to our clients. We carefully assess our clients’ needs to make sure that we are developing a custom design that exceeds their expectations and makes their home’s outdoor living spaces more beautiful, comfortable, and functional.

Schedule a Consultation for a Patio Fire Pit in Westchester County, NY

Call us today or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation for installation of a patio fire pit in Westchester County, NY. We will set up a site assessment and discuss your goals, vision, and future plans for your home. We’ll then find a solution that enhances the beauty and value of your home and extends your outdoor living space so it’s functional year-round.

Contact Us Today to Schedule Your Consultation!