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Trusted Hardscape Design Services

You’ve picked out the perfect flowers for your garden and designed a stunning lighting arrangement to highlight some of the focal-point trees in your yard. Your landscape design is coming along nicely but isn’t complete without hardscaping. Bellantoni Landscape is here to seal the deal with trusted hardscape design services in Westchester County, NY that bring your landscape together.

Hardscaping in Westchester County, NY

What Is Hardscaping?

Hardscaping refers to all the non-living, inorganic landscaping materials used in a landscaping design. This does not include that lawn gnome you trip over every morning, as lawn ornaments are not part of the hardscape design. Hardscaping typically includes various stones or hard structures, such as benches or fences, used to break up a landscape layout.

Popular Hardscaping Materials

Common hardscape design materials include:

  • Stone: Stone is durable, element-resistant, and style-versatile, allowing you to choose between various colors, shapes, and sizes.
  • Flagstone: a flat stone commonly used for pathways, patios, fences, and beyond
  • Concrete: one of the most useful landscape materials, concrete can be used to create any custom structure you can imagine.

Hardscape Design Tips

Here are four valuable tips to keep in mind when you meet with our landscape designers:

  • Allow your hardscape design to bend, sweep, and arc to avoid an unnatural appearance
  • Use hardscape materials to create usable space, such as walkways and patios
  • Choose a central theme to assist in picking out materials and designs
  • Try to use locally-sourced materials for a natural feel

Hardscape Design Process

The hardscape design process begins with a consultation with our experienced designers, where we take the time to understand your vision. Our professionals use your ideas to make recommendations for materials and features. As we draft your hardscape design, we consider everything from colors to layout to ensure seamless integration with your property.

Hardscape Installation Process

Once the hardscape design is finalized, we move on to installation. Using the most innovative equipment and our time-honored experience and skills, we prepare the foundation for precise installation. We install each element of the hardscape design with the utmost diligence to ensure long-lasting, flawless results that bring you joy for years.

Hardscape Design Ideas

When it comes to hardscape design, there’s no limit to what can be done with your property. Whether you want to create the perfect gathering space for your family with a cozy patio area with a customized fire pit or add retaining walls for a decorative focal point, our professionals are here to make it happen.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be beneficial for various reasons, from dividing your outdoor space to protecting your property from erosion, providing seating, and adding a decorative focal point to your landscape. Retaining walls can be designed in many ways, including curved, interlocking wall blocks, and even with gardens and planters incorporated into the design.


Paths and walkways are an excellent addition to any hardscape design as they contribute a sense of organization that enables safe navigation throughout your property. Walkways enhance the safety of your property and deter foot traffic from slippery or hazardous areas while providing easy access to your yard’s best features.


Whether you want an intimate space to relax or the ultimate entertainment setting, a stone, brick, or concrete patio can add unrivaled value to your home’s hardscape design. Your patio can be as basic or as advanced as you’d like, with additional seating or fire pits built into the design to bring your vision to life.


If your property is not leveled, adding some beautiful stone stairs to your hardscape design is the ideal way to increase your property’s aesthetic value, safety, and convenience. Stairs can be customized in an array of materials and can provide easy access through your gorgeous landscape.

Fire Pits

The best way to enjoy your outdoor living space year-round is by incorporating a firepit into your hardscape design. A firepit can be designed as small or as large as you’d like, with many materials available to achieve varying styles from modern to traditional, allowing your home to be the optimal gathering spot for you and your loved ones.

Choose Bellantoni Landscape in Westchester County, NY

Since 1963, Bellantoni Landscape has been Westchester County’s trusted grounds management service, providing leading landscaping solutions and optimal customer service. We take great pride in being the reliable landscaping professionals in our area. We strive to deliver nothing short of excellence with each project.

Let’s Discuss Hardscaping Services Today

A beautiful hardscape design and installation are just a phone call away. To get started on your dream landscape, contact the friendly design professionals at Bellantoni Landscape today to schedule a consultation with one of our experts in Westchester County, NY.

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