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Irrigation near Westchester County makes sure every element of your landscape design gets the moisture it needs, and your drainage system takes excess water and moves it to a safer place. If your focus is on maintaining your landscape design and the curb appeal it brings to your home, you’d do well to understand what your drainage system does and why it’s so important. There are also several types of systems you can use, and learning about each one will let you make an informed decision. Call your landscape architecture pro if you think something might be wrong, and read on for some frequently asked questions about drainage systems.

Why do I need a drainage system?

Unless you’re looking for an excuse to see your plumber more often, you’re going to need a drainage system. The purpose of a drainage system is to displace water away from your home or building to a safer place where it won’t do any damage. The rainier it is in your area, the more important it is to have a quality drainage system in place. Proper systems will make sure you never have standing water around your house. Puddles and pools of water near your foundation can change the composition of the soil, and they can attract bugs and other pests. They’ll even ruin your landscape design by drowning your garden.

What kinds of drainage systems are there?

There are drainage solutions for both interior and exterior moisture problems. If you’ve got a flooded basement that you need to dry out, a sump pump might do the trick. This is an appliance that draws in water and pumps it to a safer location, as any good drainage system should. On the outside, you can use a French drain to redirect rainwater away from your property so it doesn’t pool.

How do I tell if my drainage system is working properly?

Improper drainage is bad news for your home or commercial business. If you notice any changes in your foundation, or mold, mildew, or moisture in your basement or other areas of your home, call your plumber about your drainage system.

Drainage System Installation in Westchester County, NY