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Trees come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and they can all benefit your home and landscape design in some manner. Whether you choose to include trees to your front yard or your backyard landscaping near Westchester County, there are plenty of benefits to be found once you call your landscaping company and plant your new trees.

Increase Property Value

A beautiful landscape design will increase your home’s property value. Plant some trees around your property, and your property’s value and curb appeal could increase even more. Prospective homebuyers prefer to see a clean and well-kept landscape over a dirt lot. They also prefer to see trees that are well-grown and beautifying the house they hope to buy.

Provide Shade

It is a well-known fact that planting trees on the west and southwest side of houses and buildings provide much-needed shade from the summer sun. This may mean higher cooling costs, especially during the summer. By shading your home with large and beautiful leafy trees, you can reduce your energy costs and potential sun damage to your home’s exterior.

Reduce Neighborhood Noise

Shrubs and trees can significantly reduce the amount of road or neighborhood noise you hear every day and night. These essential components of landscape design provide a natural and beautiful noise barrier for your home. You can plant trees outside of certain windows or doors that face the road or face noisy neighbors.

Control Water Runoff

If you have ever noticed large puddles of rainwater sitting in your front or backyard, then it may be time to plant a tree with a leafy canopy. Trees help to distribute water across your yard so that it can better reach other areas of your garden landscaping. They can keep muddy puddles of water from gathering in your front and backyard. Trees can also help reduce the amount of water that may run into the streets and sidewalks, which may reduce storm water pollution.

Backyard Landscaping near Westchester County