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In addition to providing a safe water feature for koi to live and thrive in, koi ponds provide a multitude of benefits for a landscape design. Koi ponds are quickly becoming a very popular addition to residential and commercial garden designs near Westchester County because they offer great stress relief and a beautiful place for people to gather.

  • Many homeowners install koi ponds as part of their garden landscaping because koi are beautiful and social creatures. They make a great pet for kids to learn about the world and experience the joy of living with friendly koi fish.
  • Koi ponds are also a beautiful addition to a landscape design. With the right landscape architect and landscape design, a koi pond can feature green and vibrantly-colored plants to match the colorful koi fish.
  • Watching koi fish swim tend to have a calming effect on people. If someone had a stressful day at work, or he or she simply needs some quiet time to reflect, then a beautiful koi pond provides just the right kind of relaxed atmosphere.

Advantages of Having a Koi Pond by Bellantoni Landscape