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A fire pit is a great addition to any patio or landscape design. You, your family, and your guests can gather around a warm fire for a great get together, no matter what the weather is like. However, fire pits must be planned out to create a safe and strong addition to your backyard landscaping near Westchester County.

Check Your Local Regulations

Before you officially begin a new landscaping design, especially one involving fire, check your local regulations or homeowners’ association. There are often rules regarding open fire pits, whether they must be placed a set distance away from structures or the flames cannot reach a certain height. Once you check the rules and regulations, you can better plan your fire pit and landscape design.

Find an Open Area

You must first find an open area away from any structures, such as your house, a shed, or covered patio. This will ensure there is little possibility of smoke or fire damage to these structures. If you have not planned out your landscape design, then keep an open area available in the event you choose to install a fire pit.

Ensure Wind Coverage

Once you have found the right area for your fire pit, consider the amount of wind that passes through and over that spot. Set up a flag in the area, and track its movement over the next few days. This may influence the type of fire pit that you have built or if you choose to move its location elsewhere.

Call Professional Landscapers

Whether you have a specific layout in mind or not, you should always call a landscaping company to install your fire pit. A landscape architect can help locate the right spot for your fire pit area, design your landscape layout, and offer several different suggestions that will complete the look you desire. A landscaper can also ensure that you have a safe and strong fire pit to enjoy. Contact Bellantoni Landscape today for more information in Westchester County, NY.

Fire Pit Installation in Westchester County, NY