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Over time, homeowners tend to get bored with their yards and lawns in White Plains and beyond, and want to spruce things up. While there are a number of ways to add curb appeal to your home, landscaping can provide a total overhaul and a completely new and exciting look. Keep reading if you would like a few tips for getting the perfect landscape design.

Construct a Game Plan
Landscaping is a substantial undertaking, so the landscape design should be prepared well in advance of the actual work. You can begin by envisioning your ideal back or front yard. Think about the elements you want to include; maybe you want an area where you can spend some time gardening, or maybe you want open areas for your kids to play and exercise. Consider hardscaping ideas like patios and decks or stone walls and walkways in addition to your softscaping. It helps to make a rough sketch of your yard so you can map out your landscape design in a visual manner.

Take It Slow and Steady
Landscape design is a marathon, not a sprint. Visualizing your optimal outcome and mapping out your design is a great way to start, but you do not have to go out and implement all of your ideas at the same time the very next day. Start off with smaller installations and allow time for your plants and flowers to grow in. If you are new to the living space, wait a while before implementing any designs so you can get used to the yard as it is and find out what would be best to change.

Maximize Focal Points
Your yard, garden, or other landscaping project will come out more aesthetically pleasing if it centers around a focal point. This may be a certain element of hardscaping or softscaping, like a statue or a spread of flowers, in your yard. You can use your landscaping to help draw the eye to this point.

Tips for A Perfect Landscape Design by Bellantoni Landscape