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Landscaping in White Plains can take different forms, including hardscaping and softscaping. While these concepts work in different ways and with different materials, they both can be used to substantially improve the aesthetic appeal of your yard. Read on if you would like to take a look at masonry hardscape options.

Masonry Hardscaping in Westchester County, NY

While both types of landscaping can contribute to the curb appeal of your living space, hardscaping has the ability to add function as well. Masonry hardscaping elements are often practical and yet aesthetically pleasing constructions that can be physically utilized. Some examples of masonry hardscape options include a welcoming walkway that leads from the sidewalk to your front door and a stone wall that outlines the perimeter of your property. If you would like to enhance your backyard and add a sense of luxury to your property, consider having a stone patio installed. Walking out of your backdoor and onto a beautiful patio can be incredibly relaxing, especially if the patio is adorned with comfortable furniture. You can combine masonry hardscaping with the addition of flowers, shrubs, or other softscaping elements for maximum enhancement.