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While a lush lawn and abundant foliage can add a lot to your landscape design, including other elements can add interest to your yard and create a more natural appearance. If you’re looking for ways to beautify your garden design near Westchester County, then consider the incorporation of landscaping rocks.

Adding hardscaping to your yard is an excellent way to enhance your property. Landscaping rocks are a popular form of hardscaping which can add shape, texture, and natural beauty to your garden design. Landscaping rocks come in a broad range of colors and sizes.

Gravel can be used to replace grass, cover bare areas, or border trees and cacti, while polished pebbles work well for lining ponds and other water features. For something more dynamic, consider adding rocks and boulders to your yard. These features can range greatly in size and are ideal for separating areas of your garden or creating focal points. If your lawn lacks appeal or a finished appearance, then consider adding landscaping rocks to your landscape design.

Landscaping Rocks in Westchester County, NY