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If the inside of your home is designed to look very modern, then shouldn’t the outside of your home look that way, too? By modernizing the hardscaping on the exterior of your home, you can carry the style that you have used indoors out into your yard. There are many different ways you can incorporate modern hardscaping into your backyard designs near Westchester County. Check out some hardscaping ideas below that can make your outdoor space look more modern right away.

Use pavers to create a patio that features a lot of straight lines.
The inside of a modern home will usually look very clean and sleek with 90-degree angles and straight lines throughout it. Those same design elements should be used when building a patio in your backyard. The pavers that you choose to use should be arranged so that your patio features plenty of straight lines that capture the modern feel. That doesn’t mean you should feel confined or that you should simply construct a rectangular patio, but it does mean that you shouldn’t proceed with any off-the-wall hardscaping designs if you want to make your outdoor space modern.

Stay away from using colors that are too bright or bold when hardscaping your backyard.
When designing modernized hardscaping, you want to make sure it doesn’t look too busy. This means that in addition to steering clear of crazy designs, you should also shy away from using colors that are too bold. If the exterior of your home is a light grey, pair it with light grey pavers and other light grey hardscaping for best results.

Be strategic about where you decide to place grass and plants.
In addition to spending time thinking about your hardscaping when creating a modern outdoor space, you should also spend time planning your landscaping design. If you fill your backyard with too many trees and shrubs and too much grass, it will lose its modern appeal. Scale back on your landscaping and allow your hardscaping to take center stage in your modern backyard.

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