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To prevent pests from invading your property and wreaking havoc on your plants, it’s important to think about ways to keep them away when implementing a landscape design. Bellantoni Landscape is a landscaper in Westchester County that uses Integrated Pest Management, better known as IPM, to stop pests from becoming problematic.

When you allow us to help you come up with the landscape design for your home, we will utilize IPM from the start. We will begin by selecting plants for your yard that typically thrive in your particular area, which gives them a better chance to survive. We will also inspect them on a regular basis once they are in the ground to check for any pest problems. If we notice that there is an issue, we will work to identify the pest that has taken over your yard, isolate the specific area it has targeted, and use chemicals to eradicate it, if necessary. The goal of IPM is to help homeowners get rid of harmful pests without relying solely on the use of dangerous pesticides. When you call Bellantoni Landscape, we will tell you about IPM and the other landscape solutions we offer.

Integrated Pest Management by Bellantoni Landscape