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Adding hardscaping to your landscape architecture in Westchester County allows you to improve the look and function of your outdoor areas. Installing retaining walls, for example, can create more usable space in your yard for gardening and seating, and doing so can also give your property a more refined and structured appearance. There are several methods that landscapers can use to build these walls, one of which is called drylaid masonry.

Drylaid masonry involves building with stone without the use of mortar to hold the joints in place. A drylaid masonry wall boasts a rustic look, with the stones stacked in a way that allows them to hold themselves in place. The lack of cement between the stones gives these walls a handmade and quaint appearance, making them an ideal choice for individuals who want their landscape design to appear natural and pastoral. If you’re looking for walls to include hardscaping into your garden design that does not appear modern or manufactured, then a drylaid masonry wall could be an ideal option.

Hardscaping Installation in Westchester County, NY