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While trees, flowers, shrubs, and hardscaping can add a significant amount of beauty and elegance to your garden landscaping, you may be wondering what you can do to make your property stand out from the rest. If you’re looking for ways to create a memorable garden design near Westchester County, then consider using some unique stepping stones.

If you have a passion for DIY projects, then consider making mosaic stepping stones. Using a few materials, you can create elements for your garden landscaping that are colorful, unique, and one-of-a-kind. Similarly, you can glue small river stones to basic stepping stones to create an eye-catching feature that looks natural.

A landscape design that boasts a modern, minimalist theme may benefit from the use of gray pieces of flagstones for your walkways. Finally, install rectangular stone slabs in a color that contrasts your groundcover or use cement pieces made in asymmetrical geometric shapes to complement the style of your garden. By updating the stepping stones in your landscaping, you can easily create a more interesting and unique outdoor design.

Stepping Stones Ideas by Bellantoni Landscape