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So, you’ve picked out the perfect flowers for your garden and even designed a stunning lighting arrangement to highlight some of the focal-point trees in your yard. Your landscape design is coming along nicely, but it isn’t complete yet. Hardscaping adds texture and contrast to your outdoor space, not to mention usability. Examples of hardscaping elements to include in your landscape design are retaining walls, walkways, patios, and natural stone accents. The hardscape contractors at Bellantoni Landscape of White Plains, NY can help round out your hardscape design with proper use and placement of landscaping materials.

Hardscaping in Westchester County, NY

Popular Hardscaping Materials

Hardscaping refers to all of the non-living, inorganic landscaping materials used in landscaping. Technically, this means that the lawn gnome you trip over every morning is part of the hardscape design. Although lawn ornaments typically aren’t included in a hardscape design sketch, these landscape materials are:

  • Stone – Stone is one of the most popular landscape materials, and also one of the most durable. Not only can stone hold up to the elements, but there is a wide abundance of colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from, giving you the freedom to design any stone feature you’d like to your exact preferences and specifications.
  • Flagstone – A flat type of stone most often used for pathways and patios, flagstone has many other purposes around the yard. You can build a flagstone fireplace, flagstone steps, and even a flagstone fence.
  • Concrete – One of the most useful landscape materials, concrete can be poured anywhere on your property and can be used to create any custom structure you can imagine. Hardscape contractors can use artistic finishing techniques like stamping and coloring to make concrete more aesthetically pleasing.

Tips for Hardscape Design

Although the landscape architects here at Bellantoni Landscape can walk you through the entire landscape and hardscape design process, we want you to take an active role in the design so we can be sure that we’re bringing your true vision to life. Keep these tips in mind when you meet with one of our landscape designers.

  • Allow some of your hardscape features to bend, sweep, and arc to prevent your landscape from looking rigid and unnatural
  • Use hardscape materials to create usable spaces, such as walkways and patios
  • Choose a central theme to assist in picking out materials and coming up with the design (whimsical, rustic, modern, southwestern, etc.)
  • When possible, try to use locally-sourced hardscape materials to give your landscape a look and feel that’s more natural to the area

A beautiful landscape design is just a phone call away. Contact Bellantoni Landscape today at 914-948-6468 to schedule a consultation with one of our landscaping design experts in Westchester County.

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