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If you’re about to embark on backyard landscaping near Westchester County, you may be interested in looking at some creative landscape design ideas. Your overall landscape design should complement the design of your home, and the size and shape of your front or backyard. Here is a look at some trendy and inventive landscape design ideas that will inspire you to begin your front or backyard landscaping.

Create Formal Contrasts
While it’s important that every element of your landscape design should exist together in harmony, you can also create formal contrasts throughout your backyard landscaping. Talk to your landscape architect about combining closely mown grass or a pathway of patio pavers or wood chips with tall, flowering borders of vegetation. You can also consider contrasting different colors, shapes, and textures to create an interesting and surprising landscape design. Use clumps of groundcover, tall flowers or plants, and sleek landscape edging to create formal contrasts in your landscape design.

Use Creative Hardscaping
Many people don’t think about hardscaping when they begin working on their landscape design. Luckily, most landscape architects have extensive experience in using creative hardscaping for patios, retaining walls, and landscape edging. Work with your landscape architect to come up with fun and creative patio designs or retaining wall designs to add beauty and functionality to your backyard or front yard landscaping. You can use elegant and sophisticated hardscaping materials like brick, wood, and natural stone to create a comfortable outdoor living space for you and your visitors.

Play with Different Shapes Throughout Your Landscape Design
If you really want to be inventive in your landscape design, you should play around with different shapes in your landscaping and hardscaping. You can look for unusual and unique plants, flowers, and trees for your backyard garden. Combine these with contrasting shapes for your hardscaping for an innovative landscape design. Ask your landscape architect to use hardscaping to create geometric shapes for a sitting area, and surround the area with contrasting plant and bush shapes.

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