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Installing hardscaping in your backyard design in Westchester County is a smart way to add function and beauty to your outdoor spaces. If you already benefit from hardscaped areas, then you may be wondering what you should be doing to keep your pavers and patios in top condition. Well, you’ll be glad to learn that hardscaping requires a minimal amount of maintenance. However, there are a few easy steps that you should take.

First, regularly use a garden hose to spray away debris and dirt from your hardscaped surfaces and walls, which will help prevent buildup and keep them looking clean. Second, if you have any pavers, then keep an eye out for weeds between the stones and pull any that you see. Lastly, speak with a landscaping expert to determine which deicing products are safe to use on your hardscaping materials and then apply these as necessary. Taking these simple steps can help keep your hardscaped areas looking beautiful long-term.

Hardscape Maintenance by Bellantoni Landscape