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Are you planning to contact a landscape architect in Westchester County about updating the look of your property? If so, then you can benefit from thinking about what results you would like to see from this service. Continue reading to learn about some of today’s popular landscaping styles that are worth your consideration.


Do you own a ranch, Victorian, rustic, or farmhouse style home? If so, then you may benefit from adopting a country landscape design. Inspired by the English gardens of the 1600s, country style landscaping originally featured lush areas that served practical purposes for things like fruit trees, livestock, and vegetable gardens. Some important elements of country landscape design include wicker furniture, picket fencing, arbors, hardscaping, meandering paths, and herb gardens.


The impressive gardens of Tuscany have been recognized for centuries, and this landscaping style should include citrus trees, olive trees, and potted herbs if your climate allows. Other common characteristics of Tuscan garden design include gravel, terra cotta pots, Mediterranean plants, stone walls and paths, and herb or vegetable gardens.


French style garden landscaping came about following the impact of the Italian Renaissance and had the primary goals of exhibiting extravagance and leaving a lasting impression on guests. The home should remain the focal point in this type of garden design, and some common features of French style landscaping include columns, water elements, birdbaths, geometric shapes, natural stone, and trellises.


Colonial style landscaping traces back to when settlers at Plymouth Colony were forced to adapt to the unfamiliar soil and climate. This landscaping style is ideal for homes that feature colonial architecture, or for people who want a garden design that is formal and functional. Brick, fountains, stone pavers, fencing, and sundials are often featured in this type of landscape design. The color palette should be a mix of pastels in blue, cream, and pink. Including vegetable or herb gardens can provide a more authentic appearance for Colonial style landscaping.

Landscaping Designing in Westchester County, NY