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Flagstone is a flat type of stone that’s frequently used by landscapers. If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your garden design in Westchester County with hardscaping, then you should know that there are many ways in which you can use flagstone for this purpose.


Are you dissatisfied with the look of your old, impractical, or uninteresting walkways? Your property’s paths should provide people with a way to walk between destinations without worrying about falling, slipping, or getting their shoes muddy. Flagstone offers a great solution for walkways that lack in these areas and can add function as well as beauty to your landscaping.


Do you currently have a deck or patio area that is lacking when it comes to aesthetics? If so, then you have a good reason to consider flagstone installation in this part of your yard. This type of hardscaping is ideal for use on patios due to its flat surface, and the unique shapes and colors can lend a natural beauty to your outdoor areas.


If you have sloping land, then you may find that your yard is difficult to maintain and doesn’t offer much use for seating, playing, or gardening. If you’d like to get more function from your sloping outdoor areas, then consider terracing the land and installing retaining walls that feature beautiful flagstone. In this way, you can transform a hilly area into a space with 2 or more flat areas.


Do you have steps anywhere in your landscaping that are boring or beginning to look worn down? If so, then consider giving them a facelift by adding flagstone to their surfaces. Flagstone steps look stylish, elegant, and natural, and can lend an additional level of beauty to your yard.

Living Areas

Today, many people are looking for ways to make more use of their outdoor areas by creating living spaces in which to relax and entertain. If you wish that you could spend more time enjoying your landscaping, then consider installing a hardscaped area or flagstone in your yard.

Flagstone Landscaping in Westchester County, NY