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Adding a water garden to your landscape design provides you with a way to grow plants that you couldn’t otherwise. If you’re looking for ways to add interest and natural beauty to your landscape architecture in Westchester County, then installing a water garden could be the perfect solution.

A water garden is a landscape design element that should have plant life covering at least half of the water’s surface and can contain fish if desired. Water lilies, water hyacinths, lotus flowers, irises, pitcher plants, swamp lilies, and rain lilies are some popular choices for this type of garden.

A water garden can be as small as a watertight container to something as large as a pond. If you’d like to start simple, then consider experimenting with a small water garden in a container. However, if you are looking for something larger and more elaborate, then contact a landscaping service about water garden installation, as poor planning and mistakes can be costly when installing a pond.

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