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Your yard has a significant impact on your home’s curb appeal and should provide your family with a beautiful outdoor area to enjoy. If you’re looking for ways to add color and texture to your garden design near Westchester County, then consider these hardscaping options:


If your backyard is like that of most homes, then the patio is the primary focal point of the space. For this reason, updating or enhancing it with hardscaping materials can do a lot to change the look of your yard. Concrete is a budget-friendly option for this type of project that can be printed and stained to mimic natural stone. However, using flagstone or stone can add more value to your property and is more likely to provide you with years of satisfaction.


One way to add color and texture to landscaping that is frequently overlooked is with the installation of walkways. These elements not only add interest to your garden landscaping but function and beauty, as well. Paths through your property can be created using just about any type of hardscaping material, and they can make your yard appear more polished and elegant. Consider adding a walkway that leads to another building on your property, a seating area, or a fire pit.


Using materials like flagstone, stone tile, and river stones, there are countless ways in which you can add more color and texture to your outdoor space. Consider lining paths and driveways with hardscaping elements and using rocks to accent ponds and gardens.

Retaining Walls

Is your property difficult to work with due to its sloping grade? Maybe you wish that your level yard had more dimension. If so, then installing a retaining wall could be the hardscaping answer that you’re looking for. A retaining wall holds back soil and can be used to create multiple ground levels. With a retaining wall, you can turn the sloped land into 2 levels of flat area to be used for gardens, seating areas, and more. Contact Bellantoni Landscape today for more information in Westchester County, NY.

Hardscaping Garden Design in Westchester County, NY