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Today, Japanese gardens are frequently designed with the purpose of making a calm and peaceful area that is ideal for meditating and relaxing. If you’re hoping to create this type of space, then read on for tips on how to fashion a Japanese garden design for your backyard landscaping near Westchester County.

Use Water

Including water elements into your landscape design is a great way to make the space more tranquil and should be considered an essential step for your Japanese garden. Installing a winding stream, a natural looking fountain, or a koi pond will help create the right atmosphere.

Mix Elements

Traditional Japanese gardens employ the use of texture to create beauty and interest. Consider including rocks, sand, bamboo fences, and lanterns to add harder elements, and plants like evergreens, ferns, and Japanese maples for materials that are softer and colorful.

Add Mystery

An aspect of the Japanese garden style that is often overlooked is the need for the unknown. Ideally, develop a landscape design that can’t all be seen at once time. Using trees, shrubs, undergrowth, and winding paths, you can create a garden that beckons visitors to wander a bit further to see what is waiting around the corner.

Incorporate Moss

If your climate permits it, use plenty of moss in your Japanese backyard design. Moss grows well in the right conditions and makes an excellent ground cover for this type of garden. Add moss to areas that remain moist and get plenty of shade and, if used in areas with traffic, be sure to install stepping stones because moss is not tolerant of foot traffic.

Include Architecture

To create a garden that offers a true respite from the bustle of day-to-day life, consider adding a few locations in which to relax in privacy. Tucking a covered bench here and there and installing a private pavilion to use while relaxing or entertaining will do wonders to enhance your Japanese garden.

Designing A Japanese Garden in Westchester County, NY