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Are you getting ready to give your garden a makeover? If so, then you may benefit from being aware of a few landscaping errors that are frequently made by homeowners. While working on your garden landscaping near Westchester Country, try to avoid these common mistakes:

Throwing Away Garden Scraps

Whether you’re replanting, trimming, or giving your garden landscaping an overhaul, these types of projects tend to generate a large amount of waste. Rather than toss your branches, leaves, and trimmings into the trash, consider recycling these materials by turning them into mulch or compost.

Having Too Many Ornaments

This landscaping no-no is a relatively easy trap in which to fall. You might spot an attractive garden ornament at your local nursery and can’t imagine your garden without it. While this isn’t a problem, adding more and more decorative items is a sure way to draw attention away from your plants and hardscaping by making the ornaments the focal point. A few of these items can enhance your landscape design, but having too many should be avoided.

Ignoring a Plant’s Instructions

When you head to the nursery to pick up a few plants for your garden, it’s important not to simply select whatever looks the most attractive. Planting items in the wrong location is a common mistake made by homeowners, and it’s one that leads to wasted time and money, as well as a dead plant. Before you buy, check the plant’s growing needs as indicated by its label to be sure that it can handle the location that you have in mind.

Digging Holes Too Deep

Another common landscaping design planting mistake is to place new plants too deeply into the ground. While you may feel that the plant offers better aesthetical appeal when it appears flush with the soil, digging your planting holes too deep is a sure way to make it difficult for your plant to survive. Unless indicated by its planting instructions, you should place it so that the plant is covered by only as much soil as it was when you purchased it.

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