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Have you been wondering what you can do to enhance the look of your property at night? Landscape architects in Westchester County know the many benefits that landscape lighting can offer homeowners. No matter the style of your garden, adding lights to your landscape design can improve the curb appeal, safety, and elegance of your home.

Add lights that imitate moonlight.

While landscape lighting of any kind can add to the atmosphere of your property at night, few options feel quite as enchanting as those that mimic moonlight. Today, you can find lighting products that are installed in trees to imitate the appearance of moonlight streaming down through the leaves and branches. To continue this theme throughout your landscaping, choose cool lighting over warm.

Shed light on your walkways.

Does your landscape design feature any paths? If so, then consider adding lighting along the edges of these walkways. By illuminating the areas where people might walk through your property at night, you can make your yard more functional and safe, while also increasing its beauty and atmosphere. Consider using covered path lighting, which will give just enough light to mark the parameters of the walkway, without making the area too bright.

Match your lights to your landscaping.

When selecting the style of landscape lighting you would like to use, keep in mind the overall theme of your garden. Try to use lights with a design or color that matches elements already found in your landscaping. By doing this, you can preserve the look of your garden design even after nightfall. Try matching the lighting’s hardware with any planters that you have, or with the colors of your hardscaping.

Highlight your favorite garden elements.

Spot lighting is an excellent way to bring attention to the areas of your landscaping that you wish you could enjoy more at night. Installing spot lighting throughout your yard allows you to illuminate objects from the ground up and is an ideal choice for accenting trees, fountains, statues, archways, and more.


Landscape Lighting Ideas by Bellantoni Landscape in Westchester County, NY