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Revamping your property’s landscaping can be a significant undertaking, so choosing the right contractor for the job is essential. When planning your next backyard project, there are several factors to consider when looking for landscaping companies in Westchester County.

Design Elements

When considering your options for a professional landscaper, start by looking for those that offer the design materials you’re hoping to incorporate. Not all companies will offer everything you’re looking for, such as landscape lighting, audio features, and water elements. To avoid being forced to work with multiple companies, start by considering those that offer everything that you’re looking for in your landscape design.

Past Designs

Before settling on a landscape design company, it’s important that you take a look at some previous projects. Seeing a landscaper’s earlier work can help you choose a company that is creative in its designs and that will be able to make your ideas a reality. Additionally, getting a look at a designer’s past work can give insight into how much experience the company has in the industry. Choose a landscape design company with design styles that match your own to help ensure that you’ll be pleased with the outcome.

Plant Choice

While some plants may look attractive and interesting, not all varieties will make sense for your individual landscape design. Select a landscaping company that works with plants that do well in the area, are pest-resistant, and non-invasive. Choosing the right plants for your garden is essential for getting your new garden design off to a good start.

Price Quotes

Your budget will be a major factor when it comes to planning your design and choosing a contractor. Be up front with contractors about what you’re willing to spend on the project, and get quotes from any company that you’re thinking of hiring. To help prevent issues later on, be sure to get a written contract regarding the cost of the work when settling on a company.

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