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If you are looking for ways to improve, extend, and fortify your landscaping, then you should consider incorporating a retaining wall design near Westchester County. Retaining walls are structures used to hold back soil and can be made from a variety of materials.


To Create More Usable Space

Hills and slopes on your property can be aesthetically pleasing, but when it comes to function, uneven terrain can present a frustrating challenge. If your yard lacks level areas to use for features such as patios, play areas, and gardens, a retaining wall can offer you a solution. These structures allow you to carve out areas in your yard where you would like flat land.

To Add Character and Design

Besides increasing the usable space on your property, retaining wall designs can add dimension, texture, and interest to your landscaping. Concrete blocks or poured concrete, for example, can provide your property with a modern and sleek appearance. For a more natural or rustic look, opt for rubble, boulder, stone veneer, or gabion stone. Brick retaining walls provide a classic elegance, and those made from wood can work with a variety of landscaping styles.

To Protect Your Soil and Property

Retaining walls allow you to enhance and be more creative with your landscaping, but they also serve as a protective asset for your land. These features can help prevent erosion, flooding, sinkholes, and damage to surrounding structures. Like planting trees and shrubs, retaining walls offer functional support for holding soil in place and preventing it from washing away or accumulating against your home’s siding.

To Create Terraced Landscaping

By modifying your land with a retaining wall, you can add a significant amount of curb appeal and property value for your home. Striking, stepped gardens offer you a way to have multiple layers of flowers, plants, and shrubs that are all easily visible and can make your yard appear more elegant, dynamic, and attractive.

Terraced Landscaping Solutions in Westchester County, NY