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Incorporating trees into your landscape design can add beauty and shade to your yard while helping to prevent erosion and provide natural habitats for birds and other wildlife. If you’ve recently added trees to your garden landscaping near Westchester County, you may be wondering how to keep these tall beauties healthy and well-maintained.

To provide your trees basic care, check them often for warning signs, such as damaged branches or yellowing leaves. To keep your trees well-hydrated, water them slowly and thoroughly to ensure that the moisture reaches the root system two to three feet deep. An irrigation system for your landscape can make watering your trees easier and more consistent. Additionally, consider mulching the area around your tree’s base to encourage moisture retention during dry spells.

It’s important to practice proper pruning techniques to maintain your tree’s health and to improve its appearance, so hire a professional tree company if necessary. Lastly, take preventative measures to stop pests from infesting your trees—a problem that can lead to damaged foliage and poor tree health.

Tree Care by Bellantoni Landscape