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When it comes to planning patios near Westchester County, there is more to think about than just a slab of stone in your yard. A patio can serve as a significant and eye-catching portion of your backyard landscaping that can offer you and your family years of beauty and function.


Outdoor Living Room Patios

When the weather takes a turn for the best, you may find yourself wishing you could bring the comfort of your living room outdoors. If so, you’ll be glad to learn that this type of patio design is both possible and popular among homeowners. First, select an attractive outdoor rug that will be comfortable underfoot but also easy to clean. Next, pick a cozy patio set that features comfortable chairs and lounges that are fit with plush cushions. Lastly, to make your patio even more closely resemble your living room, consider incorporating an outdoor television.

Outdoor Kitchen Patios

One of the greatest benefits that you can gain by installing a patio in your yard is the ease it creates for outdoor entertaining. By offering your guests shelter from the sun, options for seating, and plenty of table space, barbecues and family holidays can become more fun, comfortable, and easy to manage. For even more convenience, consider including some kitchen equipment in your patio design. When there’s no need for the cooks to move in and out of the house, they’ll be able to spend more time with the guests and will face less hassle. Think of how simple cooking and serving your backyard meals would be if you had a kitchen sink, refrigerator, and ice machine at your fingertips.

Detached Backyard Patios

If you have held off on patio installation until now, it may be because your yard lacks a suitable spot that’s adjacent to your house. While it’s common for people to think of patios as being attached to the home, this characteristic isn’t a necessity. By building a patio somewhere else in your yard, you can take advantage of unused space, shade provided by trees, and areas that offer you more privacy.

Patio Design by Bellantoni Landscape