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A patio is attractive and functional design element that offers an excellent way for you and your guests to enjoy your backyard. If you’re considering patio designs for your Westchester County property, use these tips to get started:

Select a Location

Begin by evaluating your yard to determine the best possible location for a patio. Consider how many people you plan to host regularly to determine how much seating you’ll need; the size of the patio will significantly affect your location options. If you have neighbors nearby, you may want to build your patio well away from the edge of your property to avoid noise complaints. If your backyard landscaping includes trees, consider building your patio beneath them to take advantage of their shade and natural beauty. Other factors to consider include accessibility of water and electric utilities, local building requirements, and proximity to your home or outdoor kitchen area.

Determine your Goals

When designing a patio intended for outdoor entertaining, you’ll need to decide what type of atmosphere you’d like the space to create. Are you hoping to enjoy cozy gatherings with a few friends, or would you rather have plenty of open space for larger groups? The patio layout should allow for easy movement through the area without sacrificing comfort. If you intend to enjoy your new patio year-round, consider incorporating wind breaks or shading into the project.

Choose a Design

Your new patio is an investment that should add function to your backyard while providing an attractive entertaining space. Patio pavers will make up a large amount of space, so take your time to carefully consider your options. For the summer, you may want to add overhead fans or misters to make your time outside more enjoyable. Lastly, remember to factor in exterior lighting to add interest to your entertaining area and increase its safety at night.