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If you’re like many people, you put a lot of time and consideration into your garden landscaping in Westchester County. With the right landscaping, you can have a beautiful and functional yard. When planning your outdoor space, don’t forget that you can still show off your beautiful garden even after the sun goes down with the right landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting illuminates your home and garden to make your yard more inviting and aesthetically appealing, especially when you are entertaining friends and family. It can also increase your safety, providing better visibility on paths to and from your house. By lighting your landscaping, you may also be making your home more secure—the right lighting will give potential intruders fewer hiding spots on your property. You may want to use lighting to highlight particular features in your landscaping that you’re proud of, while providing softer, more ambient light in other areas. Make sure that you use lighting that is designed for outdoor use, and work with a professional designer so that your landscape lighting plan will be well thought-out.

Landscape Lighting Options by Bellantoni Landscape