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Patio designs serving Westchester County can be as limitless as your landscape designs. Design your patio as far as your imagination will take you, and you won’t be disappointed. Keep reading for a brief look at some current and popular patio designs.

Take Advantage of Every Space

Patios don’t need to be confined to the area directly outside your backyard door. A patio can, and should, be wherever you want in your yard. If you have a private space toward the far side of your yard, start laying some pavers for the pathway to your new cozy patio. Sometimes, there are spots in the yard that won’t grow anything well; make it into a home-away-from-home patio area. If you have the space, take advantage of it.


A patio, and the furniture on it, can look however you want. If you have cinderblocks lying around, why not build a one-of-a-kind chair or couch out of them? Or, create a fire pit out of the old rocks you find in your soil. There are multiple ways you can use the landscape around you to create original patio designs.

Show Some Color

Don’t be afraid to bring color into your yard. Your grass, flowers, and gravel do not need to be the only bright elements featured. You can install and paint bright trellises or decorate your patio furniture in bright colors. Your options are almost limitless when it comes to introducing color into your backyard.

Make It Exotic

Bring home a taste of your exotic honeymoon, and recreate it in your patio design. Use bright colors and patterns along with wicker furnishings to bring a sense of Morocco home.

Travel in Time

Take your patio back in time with antique furniture and European pieces. Cobble the pathways leading to your patio, or the patio itself, to bring a true sense of the old country to your backyard. You can find many antique pieces at estate sales and flea markets, so keep your eyes open for some great gems to decorate your patio.

Current & Popular Patio Designs by Bellantoni Landscape