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When you are looking at pavers near Westchester County, keep in mind the wide variety you have available to you. Of each material option—stones, flagstones, concrete, to name a few—there are a variety of colors and styles you can choose of each. Your patio pavers will be just as memorable as the rest of your yard, and possibly just as difficult to decide on. Take your time, and select the most beautiful pavers for your landscape design.

What you are creating a path around may dictate what type of paver you use. If you are decking the area around a pool, then some stones or other materials may be a better choice for an area that will see a lot of traffic and water. In other areas of your yard, you may wish to choose a patio paver based on the design or theme you are creating. For instance, a dated patio filled with antiques might do well with cobbled stone pavers or even slabs of concrete. Consult your landscapers about the best pavers for your landscape design.

Patio Pavers in Westchester County NY