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Do you live on a hill or have a slope situated somewhere on your property? If so, it can be very challenging to implement a successful landscape design due to the uneven surface outside of your home. There are many plants that will not grow on a slope, and you will need to take certain precautions when building walls or patios on one. For these reasons, you should work with an experienced landscape architect in Westchester County whenever landscaping on a slope. Here are several landscape design ideas that you can try to implement with their help.

Plant Deep Rooted Shrubs
Unfortunately, you will be limited in the types of plants you can incorporate into your hillside landscape design, but there are some types that are perfect for incorporating into a slope. For example, shrubs with deep roots will serve two purposes when you plant them outside of your hillside home. First, they will prevent rainwater from compromising the integrity of your slope and keep it stable. But more importantly, they will add some much-needed landscaping without taking away from the view that your hill provides.

Build an Elevated Deck
Building something on your slope will not be an easy task for a landscape architect, but it’s possible to cut into a hill and build a stable structure. In order to create an elevated deck, your architect will need to put up a large concrete retaining wall and then build a deck out from it. This will hold it in place on the hill and give you a great outdoor space on your slope.

Place Decorative Steps
Climbing up and down the slope on your property can be a pain, so why not have your landscape architect work some steps into your landscape design? These steps will become a focal feature of the hill, serve a very practical purpose, and allow for you to plant shrubs and other types of plants along the side of them. By doing these things, you can take full advantage of your slope with a creative landscape design.

Landscaping On A Slope in Westchester County, NY