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Maybe you’ve never heard of hardscaping, but you have definitely seen hardscaping elements in landscape architecture in Westchester County.Hardscaping is made up of everything in your yard that is not organic, such as structures, patios, and stone pavers. Here are a few ways your landscape will benefit from various forms of hardscaping.

An Outdoor Home

If your family spends a lot of its time outside—cooking, swimming, hosting barbecues, etc.—then the hardscaping elements of your backyard should be just as comfortable as the inside of your home. Your landscapers can build walls and covering over your outdoor kitchen, and you can furnish your outdoor home with patio furniture for your guests’ comfort. There are several ways you can essentially create an outdoor room where you and your family will be comfortable for years to come.

Multifunctional Walls

Retaining walls are meant to keep soil, rocks, and water from potentially damaging the rest of your yard or home, but there is nothing saying these walls can’t look beautiful. Accomplished landscapers are able to take the practical needs of a landscape and merge it flawlessly with beautiful structures like retaining walls. These walls can be used to keep the natural elements from destroying your yard, but also as barriers between different sections of the yard; they can create levels throughout the yard to add more depth and personality, as well.

Pathways to Paradise

A gorgeous landscape cannot be fully appreciated unless people can walk through and around it. Pathways and stone pavers create barriers, like retaining walls, yet they give access to the rest of the yard. You can travel between your outdoor kitchen to your vegetable garden to your fountain oasis with ease on beautiful pathways.

Individualized Features

You are decorating your yard, so you should have your own flare in it. This can come from the extra hardscaping features you choose to install. Fountains and rock gardens are always a good touch; even creating a personalized design in your stone pathway puts a personal stamp over your gorgeous new landscape.

Hardscaping Installation in Westchester County, NY