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When it comes to balancing style and budget-consciousness in hardscaping, concrete pavers are an exceptional choice. You can find concrete pavers widely utilized in walkway, driveway, and patio design near Westchester County because of their versatility and affordability. Here’s a look as some of the different ways to integrate concrete pavers into your landscaping design.

Paver Patios
Because concrete pavers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, it’s possible to achieve a patio design fit for every style home. Whether you’re looking for the cobblestone style road to match an elegant outdoor landscape, or a minimalist clean paver to patch your modern home, paver patios are stylistically perfect. Paver patios are also ideal because they’re relatively low maintenance. Pavers are less likely to crack because of changes in temperature or tree root growth, which means your paver patio will have a longer-lifespan compared to poured concrete patios.

Paver Driveways
Paver driveways are an ideal alternative to poured concrete and blacktop for many reasons. First, all of the maintenance advantages described above for paver patios apply here—that means limited to no cracking because of the weather. Secondly, paver driveways also offer much better drainage than poured options because water and melting snow can seep right between the pavers and into the soil below. This minimizes the chances of flooding on your property, keeps your landscaping from getting too muddy, and also reduces the risk of dangerous chemical runoff from vehicles into storm drains.

One of the simplest applications for concrete pavers is creating walkways through your home. Established walkways are important to overall landscape design because they help to create visual boundaries for where people should and should not walk, which keeps your carefully cultivated plants safe. It also helps visitors stay safe by giving them an easy-to-follow path through your property with lots of traction. Paver walkways can be easily integrated into your landscaping design as well to ensure a cohesive look with other hardscaping features.

Use of Concrete Pavers in Hardscaping by Bellantoni Landscape