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Enhancing your home’s curb appeal with the help of a landscaping company in Westchester County is an incredible investment in your future. Protect that investment by ensuring that your irrigation system is capable of keeping your landscape design looking fresh and well maintained for years to come! Here are the top three reasons to have a sprinkler system installed with your new landscape design.

Save Time
Ensuring that every inch of your landscaping is properly watered by hand can take several hours. But with a professionally installed sprinkler system, your landscaping can be on a regulated watering schedule that takes only minutes to set up.

Save Water
Above-ground sprinklers and irrigation systems waste thousands of gallons of water every year to overspray and evaporation. A professionally installed irrigation system is designed to target only the plants that need the water, which means you’ll reduce your overall water consumption and costs without sacrificing the beauty of your landscaping.

Save Money
Above-ground sprinklers are more likely to be damaged by frost, sun damage, and accidents because they’re exposed. In-ground sprinkler systems are shielded from the elements, making them a more cost-efficient choice in the long-term.


Sprinkler System Installation in Westchester County, NY