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Whether you’re looking to read a book, take a nap, or have a quiet conversation with a friend, your yard should have at least a small space where you can retreat for peace and quiet away from onlookers. Making privacy a significant part of your landscaping and garden design in Westchester County requires knowing what components to incorporate for the ideal effect. Talk to your landscape architect about some of these great landscaping privacy ideas.

Choosing Living Fences
When choosing your landscape design to maximize privacy, it’s important to start with the right kinds of plants. Ideal plant choices help to create what landscape architects refer to as a living fence. Certain species of plants are ideal for living fences because they grow into tall, thick hedges, or grow easily on trellises. Living fences are ideal because they provide the dual purpose of adding additional privacy while enhancing the beauty and natural look of your landscape design. Ask your landscaper about bamboo, African boxwood, or juniper for establishing a living fence.

Compartmentalizing With Hardscaping
Hardscaping choices are also important when optimizing privacy in your backyard or front yard landscaping. Gates and fences are obvious choices when the goal is to create visual barriers. However, other hardscaping options like retaining walls or garden boxes can also help to create a room-like atmosphere in sections of your yard. This allows you to designate certain areas of your yard for greater privacy, while allowing other areas to stay open. In addition to enhancing privacy, this also gives your landscape design a multi-purpose, functional feel.

Building Up Your Flower Bed
Finally, consider options that will add color and texture to your yard while enhancing privacy. Staggering flowers, plants, shrubs, and even trees in a flowerbed or a section of your open yard can help to create a natural wall that can even block your neighbors’ views from neighboring windows. Choosing the right combination of plants can also enhance the curb appeal of your home while creating front yard privacy or blocking the view from the road.

Landscaping Privacy Ideas by Bellantoni Landscape