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Relaxing on the patio of your beautiful garden is the perfect way to unwind after a long day. If you’re planning on hiring a landscaping company for a front yard or backyard landscaping project, these basic beginner’s tips on landscape design will help you convey your needs to your landscape architect in Westchester County.

Make a List of Your Basic Needs
Take time to consider how you want to use your new front or backyard. Decide if you want a patio, a garden, or an area for your kids to play. You can then develop more detailed landscaping ideas around the foundation of your basic landscape design needs. You might want to incorporate plants and flowers around a central patio design, or maybe you’d like to use patio pavers or landscaping rocks to create a border around your existing garden design.

Research Landscape Design Ideas Online
The best place to get landscape design inspiration is online. You can browse the galleries and portfolios of local landscaping companies, or view garden designs and patio designs from all over the world. Create a vision board from the photos that you’ve viewed, and show it to your landscape architect as a starting point. Keep in mind that not all of your landscape design fantasies will be appropriate for your space, climate, or budget.

Be Flexible and Patient
Once you have hired a reputable landscaping company, you’ll need to be both flexible and patient. Landscaping designs don’t come to fruition overnight, and you may need to modify and tweak your ideas to formulate a practical landscaping design for your space. You and your landscape architect will need to discuss irrigation, landscape lighting, and hardscaping plans to find the perfect landscaping solutions for your needs.

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