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Looking to give your home a curb appeal boost? An excellent place to start is the landscape design of your front yard. Whether your vision is a lush, green landscape, a modern hardscaped meadow, or something in between, working with a landscape architect in Westchester County can bring out the best in your home. Here’s a look at some front yard makeover ideas to consider for your landscaping project.

Water-Efficient Landscaping
With increased attention given to landscaping resource and cost-efficiency, many Westchester County homeowners are opting for front yard landscaping that is beautiful without being water-intensive. Expanding the use of landscaping rock, pavers, patios, seating space, and other hardscaping elements can reduce the need for water. You don’t need to turn your front yard into a desert to improve water efficiency—even moderate adjustments to your front yard’s landscape design can reduce water use, either by reducing plant life or arranging elements in a way that prevents water loss during irrigation. You can also divert saved water to other landscaping options, such as a vegetable garden or flower bed.

Strategic Use of Hardscaping
Whether you’re looking to add privacy or add architectural interest, changing the way hardscaping is used in your current landscape design may be a good place to start. Retaining and privacy walls, walk ways, landscaping rocks, and paver patios are all popular examples of hardscaping that can be both purposeful and beautiful. The specific style or design of these features can be tailored to match your home’s style and landscape design budget.

Landscape Lighting
Just like hardscaping, landscape lighting can be both functional and fashionable simultaneously. Amplify the old world mystique of your home’s exterior with a faux gas lamp. Modern, clean wall sconces can give your home a more contemporary look. Accent lighting installed in your landscaping can also add drama while also adding a modern touch and improving nighttime visibility. No matter what your taste, improving lighting around your Westchester County home is an immediate curb appeal boost.

Front Yard Designing in Westchester County, NY