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Hiring a professional landscape design or landscape architecture company is key to ensuring that your new backyard design meets your aesthetic and practical needs. Before you meet with a landscaping company, take some time to think about the key elements of your backyard design, including layout, hardscaping, landscape lighting, and irrigation. Here is some great information about common backyard layouts that will help get you started on planning your new backyard design.

Curvilinear and Radial Backyard Designs
Both curvilinear and radial layouts utilize circular shapes as the foundation for backyard design. Curvilinear layouts use backyard landscaping and hardscaping to create large, sweeping curves that draw the eyes all around the landscape design. Many landscape architects prefer to use curvilinear layouts as a backyard or garden design foundation for large, open spaces. Radial layouts create concentric circles that radiate from a central point in the backyard design.

Rectilinear Backyard Designs
Rectilinear layouts use backyard landscaping and hardscaping to create vertical and horizontal lines on a square grid. This landscape design foundation is most appropriate for garden designs or patio designs that are restricted by fences or retaining walls. A rectilinear layout is an ideal landscape solution for yards that are very flat and level, as it allows the landscape architect to create a dynamic, layered backyard design.

Arc and Tangent Backyard Designs
Arc and tangent layouts utilize a combination of the backyard design elements from the curvilinear, radial, and rectilinear foundations. A landscape architect will use backyard landscaping and hardscaping to create vertical, horizontal, and 45-degree lines out of arcs and circles. The arc and tangent layout is appropriate for any backyard, garden, or patio design.

Backyard Designs by Bellantoni Landscape