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Once you invest time and money into creating a beautiful landscape, the next step is to maintain it throughout the growing season. Adequate water is necessary to keep your lawn and garden lush, green, and healthy. Are you tired of dragging bulky hoses around your yard? Simplify landscaping maintenance with an automatic irrigation system. Here’s how installing such a system can benefit you.

Water Your Plants Safely

Using a high-pressure spray nozzle to water delicate plants and ornamental trees may cut down on walking around, but the harsh technique could do more harm than good. Improper watering can wash away nutrients, cause the soil to become dense and compact or damage fragile leaves and flower petals.

On the other hand, a professional irrigation system can be custom-designed to your plants’ needs, ensuring a gentle, directed stream that won’t harm your plants. By delivering just the right amount of water, the soil also retains its nutrients and stays light and aerated.

Save Time & Effort

You’ve already invested in a beautiful landscaping design, so adding a professional irrigation system only makes sense. You’ll save time and effort every day with a system that turns on and off by itself. No setting reminders, no dragging hoses in and out of the shed, and no unsightly sprinklers to detract from your lawn’s appearance—just a discreet, automatic system that runs without your input and helps your yard look great.

Enjoy Efficient Watering

When do you typically water your plants? Turning on the hoses in the afternoon wastes water as the hot sun evaporators much of the moisture before it penetrates the soil. Not only that, but the water droplets act like tiny magnifying glasses, intensifying the sun’s rays and possibly scorching your grass.

An automated sprinkler system can be programmed to come on early in the morning, the ideal time to reduce evaporation. You can also adjust the system to avoid overwatering if it’s been raining a lot lately. With these tools, you’ll keep your yard beautiful while reducing your water bills.

Sprinkler System Installation in Westchester County, NY


Take Advantage of High-Tech Features

As technology has evolved, automatic irrigation systems have become more sophisticated than ever. Remote timers, motion sensors, rain gauges, and other accessories make modern irrigation as efficient as possible. You can even monitor and control the system with your smartphone or tablet for maximum convenience.

Prevent Plant Disease

Although water is necessary to keep plants healthy, too much moisture can cause root rot, and standing water on the leaves can lead to blight and other fungal growth. Plant diseases are known to spread across a garden, affecting plants well beyond the origin point.

With automatic irrigation, you can deliver water only when needed. A drip irrigation system also targets the base of each plant, preventing excess water on the leaves, fruits, and vegetables of your beloved plants that could lead to a fungal outbreak.

Reduce Weed Growth

Overwatering doesn’t just increase the risk of disease—it also promotes weed growth. With drip irrigation, you limit water in unintended places, amounting to fewer weeds and less time-consuming, back-breaking yard work.

Increase Home Value

Most homebuyers recognize the appeal of an automatic sprinkler system. By having one installed, you’ll increase the value of your home and attract more offers. Plus, if you’re moving soon, having an automated system to water the yard frees up your time to complete other projects before you sell.

How Does Sprinkler System Installation Work?

An efficient sprinkler system with good coverage and even water distribution requires careful design considerations. Installing the piping and tubing also necessitates precise excavation. That’s why it’s best to leave the job to a qualified sprinkler system installer. Here’s the process you can expect when you choose Bellantoni Landscape for the job:

  • We visit your home and examine the layout of your lawn and garden. Our team can then customize a system that meets your specific irrigation needs.
  • We offer a free estimate and timeline for completing the irrigation system installation.
  • We install the system, including your requested technologies and accessories.
  • We train you to operate your automatic sprinkler system to make the most of your investment.
  • We offer ongoing sprinkler system maintenance to ensure your satisfaction for years to come.

Install an Irrigation System Today

Bellantoni Landscape has been offering irrigation system design and installation since 1963. We proudly serve Westchester County, NY, with fair prices, high-quality products, and excellent customer service. If you’re interested in adding an automatic sprinkler system to your property, please contact us at (914) 948-6468 and schedule an appointment with our landscaping maintenance team.