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Keeping your yard looking lush, green, and healthy throughout the growing season is a top priority for homeowners who have invested time, energy, and resources into enhancing their home’s landscaping. But with an irrigation system professionally installed by a Westchester County landscaper, you can dramatically reduce landscaping maintenance time while ensuring that your plans, lawn and garden healthy and irrigated. Here are three reasons to have an irrigation system installed for your landscaping today.

Prevent Plant Disease
Although water is necessary to keep your garden healthy, too much of it in the wrong places can actually encourage disease. Standing water on leaves can lead to fungi and disease spread among your landscaping, which can quickly ravage your garden.

Safe and Efficient Irrigation
If you’re still using a spray nozzle to water your delicate plants and ornamental trees, you may be causing more damage than harm. Improper watering using a harsh stream of water from your hose can actually reduce the nutrients available in your soil, damage delicate petals, and ultimately waste tons of water. According to landscape guru Amy Rodriguez, a professionally installed irrigation system can be custom-designed to water every plant individually on a timer, which means that water gets straight to the root instead of being wasted on other parts of the plant or landscaping.

Reduce Weed Growth
In addition to wasting water with haphazard irrigation, your landscape can quickly be overtaken by weeds when water ends up where it’s not intended to go. Drip irrigation systems that feed only your plants in your landscape design reduce the amount of water distributed elsewhere, which means less of an opportunity for weeds to grow.

Save Time and Energy
You’ve already invested a lot into working with a landscaping design expert to create the perfect garden for your Westchester County home. Taking that extra step to add a professionally installed irrigation system can help to garden to maintain itself without needing your attention every day. That way you can spend less time maintaining your landscaping and more time enjoying it.

Benefits of Irrigation System by Bellantoni Landscape