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While many homeowners spend the majority of their outdoor time in the backyard, your front yard should also be carefully considered when you are planning a new landscaping design. By updating your front yard with garden design and hardscaping, you can boost the curb appeal of your property. A landscape architect in Westchester County serving Westchester County can help you with every stage of designing and implementing your new front yard. As you are working with your landscape designer, you may want to consider incorporating hardscaping into your front yard landscaping. Read on for some terrific hardscaping ideas for your front yard.

Build Up Key Areas
Hardscaping can be used to build up key areas of your front yard. For example, you may want to use stones or natural pavers to create raised beds on either side of your front door. In addition, you can use hardscaping to create a retaining wall that will improve draining in your front yard. Once the built up hardscaping elements are in place, plants can be selected to complement your hardscaping design.

Combine Hardscaping With Organic Concepts
One of the most effective ways to use hardscaping is to combine sleek, concrete forms with natural, organic plantings. For example, you can update your front yard by creating a concrete front yard patio. To soften the patio space and make the area inviting to guests, you can offset the concrete of the patio with soft grass, shrubs, or other types of plantings.

Create a Dramatic Entryway
Hardscaping is also a practical choice when you are planning on adding a driveway or walkway to your front yard. As you are planning out your new front yard hardscaping design, you may want to talk to your landscape designer about installing fresh new driveway pavers. Driveway pavers will provide you with a solid surface for your car, while also providing your front yard with a fresh and clean new look.

Front Yard Landscaping in Westchester County, NY