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During the hot months of summer, your lawn and yard will require additional care in order to remain vibrant and green. From proper irrigation to fertilizer and more, there are several steps to the lawn care process. If you are seeking a great way to keep your landscaping looking great this summer, you may want to hire a company offering lawn care and landscape design serving White Plains. With the help of a team of lawn maintenance professionals, you can make sure that your lawn is the envy of everyone on your block. Read on for a look at some of the basics of lawn maintenance.

Fertilize Regularly
One of the best ways to maintain a green and beautiful lawn is to fertilize your grass on a routine basis. Certain types of fertilizer are designed for use in the early spring or summer months. To get the best performance from your fertilizer, you may want to choose a product that is slow releasing. This will ensure that your lawn receives nutrients, each time that you water.

 Water Properly
Proper watering is key to maintaining a great lawn. During the hot months of summer, you may need to water your lawn more frequently than usual. In order to make sure that your sprinkler system is achieving optimal irrigation, it is a good idea to water in the early morning or the late evening, when the sun’s rays are not so hot. Your lawn care experts can help you create a watering schedule for your grass.

Mow Effectively
Mowing is another essential part of lawn care. When you mow your lawn, you will make sure that all of your blades of grass are healthy and strong. As you mow, it is important to make sure that your mower blades or not too short or high. Cutting your lawn too short can cause damage, while leaving the grass too long can result in sloppy results. A landscaping company will be able to mow your lawn to perfection.

Lawn Care Tips By Bellantoni Landscape in Westchester County, NY