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Some people view landscape design as a luxury that is not necessary for a home. But other people—especially those who see the benefits of landscaping—recognize that landscape design is much more than just aesthetic appeal. In this article we will take a closer look at the benefits of landscape design in White Plains.

Increase the Resale Value of Your Property
Imagine you are shopping for homes and you go to two similar open houses. One house has a landscape design that features magnificent trees, flowers, and shrubs planted throughout the property. Landscape architecture catches almost every buyer’s eye immediately. In fact, real estate agents often recommend enhancing the landscaping of a home before selling it so that potential buyers see it as more memorable. A quality landscape design not only makes your property look good, but it increases your chances of selling the property for more money than you would with less attractive landscaping.

Reduce Monthly Costs
Planting trees and shrubs in the right areas of your property can provide significant shade in the summertime. For example, an outdoor air conditioning unit in the shade expends significantly less energy than one exposed to sunlight. Providing shade to the windows and walls of the home that are exposed to summer sunlight will reduce the amount of warming sunlight your home receives, which reduces the indoor temperature and the amount of energy required to cool your home.

Improve the Function of Your Home
Beautiful landscaping has not only aesthetic value, but functional value. Landscaping that is pleasing to the eye is pleasing to the brain—web designers and advertisers use the same idea when aiming to appease the sense of sight. In other words, having attractive landscaping does more than just boost the beauty of your home, but it improves the way you feel about your home as well.

Enhance Your Home’s Privacy
Landscape design can provide privacy in a visual sense by blocking your view of the neighbor’s house and their view of yours. It can also create a natural sound barrier from pets, traffic, and other noises around the neighborhood.

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